Basketball Training Tips: Using a Power Band

Create resistance to take your basketball training to the next level with the help of a power band.

Changeup your practice by adding a versatile tool that can help build your strength, speed and acceleration. College basketball coach Donnie Arey shows us how to incorporate power bands for an amped up training session.


When you first start out, work on your slides, forward sprints, backpedaling and jumps. Your coach or another teammate will wrap the band around your hips and will grip the band underneath with one hand, and up the line closer to your waist with the other. They will then pull on the end of band and will determine how much resistance they’ll give you.

Begin by shuffling, or sliding, from lane line to lane line. Make sure to stay in an athletic stance and use your power to pull your coach or teammate. After you go in both directions, you can practice backpedaling and forward sprints. For jumps, act as if you’re trying to shoot a layup.


To make this drill more challenging, add a basketball. You’ll perform each of the beginner drills (minus the jumps), but this time, stay low and crab dribble as you make your way to the opposite lane line.


Since basketball requires players to master dribbling with both hands, you’re going to use two balls for the final, and most difficult progression. Don’t perform these drills too fast or you risk losing control of the balls. The trick is to keep low and focused, all while overcoming the force and pressure of the power band.

The use of power bands at practice is a fun and unique way for you and your teammates to help build strength and take basic basketball drills to the next level.