Elena Delle Donne on How to Be a Leader

Being a leader goes beyond using your voice. Professional basketball player Elena Delle Donne shares her tips on leadership.

You don’t have to be team captain to display your leadership skills. It can be a natural trait for any basketball player, regardless of your position or role on the team. But when it comes time to step up on the court, being a leader comes down to more than just yourself.

According to professional basketball player and champion guard Elena Delle Donne, being a good leader means looking out for your teammates.

“I have to get everybody ready and get them together, make sure that they’re confident. Get people to their spots so they can do their best,” she says.

By showing these leadership qualities, Delle Donne adds, you become the pulse of the team.


Leading by example is a great quality to have as an athlete. However, using your voice can be just as powerful as shooting a three-pointer. Help boost your squad’s morale by encouraging your teammates.

“Being vocal and just finding ways to talk to people and give them confidence to go out and do their best,” is a sign of a good leader, according to Delle Donne.

Be sure to identify your teammates by name, too. This not only relays the information to the correct player, but it also helps you get to know everyone better. Establishing chemistry with your teammates and building confidence can help you and your team perform at your peak this season.

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