Jordin Canada’s Basketball Training Advice

The professional basketball champion says that partnering with a defender for drills can go a long way in practice.

To be the best on the court, you have to train at a high level. Practice makes perfect, as the old saying goes. But practice can also help you sharpen your skills and stay disciplined on the court.

Going back to the fundamentals. Practicing one-on-one. Participating in shooting drills. These different sets of workouts can help you become an all-around better basketball player.

Professional basketball guard and champion Jordin Canada recalls that when she was in high school, she practiced drills mainly with cones. However, now in her pro career, she uses a partner to simulate basketball defense.

“When you’re playing against defenders, having someone with you work on that so you can work on your reads — that’s how I developed my [basketball] IQ,” she says.


When running through drills as a team, coaches have the option to let the offense run it alone to get the play down. However, adding in a defense can put pressure on the offense and simulate a game-like situation. “I can figure out what move to make or what to do in this certain situation,” Canada says.

Practice game scenarios by adding defenders to your next drill, whether it’s a team workout or a one-on-one situation. Looking for more tips from professional basketball players? Canada, along with fellow pro Jewell Loyd, give their advice on staying motivated and setting goals.