Split Stance Jump with Paul Fabritz

Explosiveness can be an invaluable component of success on the hardwood. This drill can help boost your ability to drive to the hoop.

Explosiveness is a premium on the basketball court. No matter if you are driving in the paint, getting around a defender or getting out on a fast break, being explosive can take your game to new levels.

Players are always looking for ways to run faster and jump higher on the hardwood. By working on your explosiveness in practice, you can achieve better results during the big game. One way to help improve your explosiveness and agility is with the Split Stance Jump Drill.

“Getting explosive out of a split stance is extremely important, whether we’re getting to the basket or we’re jumping out of a split stance,” says Performance Enhancement Specialist Paul Fabritz, who trains professional basketball players. “We [have to] develop that explosiveness.”


To do the split stance jump:

  • Begin in a modified lunge position, with one foot in front of the other.
  • Jump straight up in the air, switching the positions of your feet, before landing in the split stance with your feet in their original positions.
  • When you land, stick and hold the position to help absorb force before finishing with a jump in a lateral direction.

“We [have] to work on absorbing force,” Fabritz says. “The better we absorb force, the better we can create force in the lateral direction.”

By regularly working on this drill you can better develop explosiveness and become a bigger force on the court.

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