Staying Motivated and Setting Goals in Basketball

Learn from two professional basketball players on how to keep your motivation high and always set new goals.

Basketball season can be a long and demanding grind. But your season doesn’t just start with the first practice. In the off-season, it’s important to keep your physical conditioning at its peak.

However, when you finally start the season, it’s equally important to not neglect your mental preparation. Keeping a competitive edge and wanting to set goals can help put you ahead of your competition.

Professional basketball champions Jordin Canada and Jewell Loyd can attest to staying motivated and setting goals in basketball. They both agree that setting goals can help keep athletes from feeling complacent.

“For us, it’s very important that we set goals. Regardless if it’s going into practice or going into games, everything that you do needs to be goal-oriented, and that kind of helps you stay on track and stay focused,” Loyd says.

BONUS PRO TIP: Remember to set team goals and personal goals, too.


Despite any accolades you might receive as a basketball player, it’s important to remain humble and work hard. There are always improvements to be made, whether you’re going back to the fundamentals or studying plays. Take advantage of your coaches and teammates to help you figure out areas where you can improve.

Canada was a rookie when she won her first-ever championship. However, she kept a level head going into the following season, saying that winning was motivation to go back to the championship.

“I know things that I need to work on this year that I’ve been trying to improve on,” she says. “My coaches have been a great help in that. My teammates have been a great help in that, just reassuring me … Always have that mindset on wanting to improve.”

Improving your game can also help you build your confidence level. Remember to look to your teammates for encouragement and pass that on to others.

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