Basic Campfire Safety Tips

It’s imperative when you build a campfire that you know how to maintain it. Before your next outdoor getaway, check out these tips.

Camping and campfires go hand in hand. You stand nearby the fire to keep warm, roast delicious marshmallows and gather around to tell stories and make memories. So while it’s an essential part of your camping experience, it’s also imperative that you know how to control it.

Use these campfire safety tips as a guideline the next time you venture out in the great outdoors.

1. Before you even start building your campfire, make sure to clear a 15-foot radius around it. There shouldn’t be any foliage or extra wood you may have collected within that 15-foot clearing either.

2. Do not overbuild the fire.

3. Be prepared ahead of time by always having a couple different components at the ready to extinguish the fire. A bucket of water or sand, a shovel (to suffocate the fire with dirt), or a fire blanket are some options to consider.

4. Pay attention to the wind! A strong gust hitting your fire could send embers shooting into the woods.

Keep these four basic tips in mind on your next camping trip for a fun, memorable and safe experience.