Stocking Stuffers for Campers

It’s never too early to start thinking about camping season. Get your favorite outdoor enthusiast excited with these holiday gifts.

If the camping aficionado in your life can’t wait to trade in roasting chestnuts on the open fire for roasting s’mores at an open site, then this Pro Tips stocking stuffer guide can help you find the perfect gift.

Like anything else in life, your camper should dress for success. Lightweight t-shirts with moisture wicking fabric and hiking socks are small items that can comfortably fit into a stocking and later help keep your camper comfortable at the campsite.

Multi-purpose camping stocking stuffers don’t end there. A fanny pack can keep your camper’s personal items safe, act as a snack bag or even double as a camera bag for the nature photographer in your life. If you want to get really creative, you can pre-fill the fanny pack with other small items for a gift inside a gift.

Just like holiday decorations, campgrounds often require a bit of setup. Give your camper a hand with tent accessories like stakes, footprints and seam sealers. And what better gifts to include above a fireplace than ones that can help start a fire? Fire starter kits, match cases and flint strikers are all small items that can get the campfire roaring. Be sure to check out this Pro Tips guide to campfire safety.

After the campfire is going, help your camper prepare some fireside feasts with camping grill accessories and camping utensils. Dehydrated food packages, single-serving coffee and water purification tablets are all stocking options that will help keep campers full and hydrated.

Mice might not be stirring on Christmas eve, but they — along with other critters — could be in the wilderness. Insect repellent, pepper spray and a first-aid kit are all must-have helpful tools for any outdoor adventure. Don’t forget to throw in a flashlight or a safety whistle, too.

Whether your camper prefers glamping or roughing it, personal care and hygiene products are always useful. Tissues, camp soap, bath wipes and hand sanitizer are all small items that can make a big difference.

In the great outdoors, batteries are not included — but that doesn’t mean that your outdoorsman needs to be without some of their favorite electronics. A GPS unit, weather radio and rechargeable battery pack are great stocking stuffer gifts for those who aren’t willing to give up all of their technology. Meanwhile, the gift of a small portable speaker can let nature sing.

With great camping gifts like these, the outdoor lover in your life will be ready the next time the backcountry calls his or her name.

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Stocking Stuffers for Campers Checklist