Tips on How to Hang a Hammock

Take advantage of the tree cover for extra outdoor comfort and discover the steps to set up a hammock.

Swinging in the sunset as a soft breeze provides cool relief from the summer heat. The steady trickle of a stream in the distance while somewhere, birds sing their melodic songs. Imagine taking this all in while lying in your hammock.

Hammocks are meant to be relaxing, so skip the struggle of figuring out where and how to hang one with these tips as a guide to ensure a solid setup.


Find two trees that are strong and sturdy. You want them to be far enough apart to stretch out the hammock, but well within the length of the wraps and rigging itself.


It’s highly recommended to use the straps provided with your hammock. Straps are better than ropes, in general, for the trees because they disperse the weight over a larger area. Ropes tend to cause more damage to the trees and also are more likely to slip down the trunk.


When rigging, don’t hang it so steep that your head and neck sit at an uncomfortable angle.

The straps of your hammock should be at around a 30-degree angle. This should provide the optimal level of sag and tension that you’ll need to lie comfortably in a hammock. Too steep of an angle and you could be stuck in a banana shape, or when trying to lie at an angle will only have a small portion of your hammock to work with.


Make sure the ground underneath is flat and debris is removed in case you accidentally roll out.


Tug on the rigging a little, and then test the hammock with your weight. If it feels sturdy, jump on in!

Lying in a hammock can be the ultimate camping relaxation technique. Once you’ve got it rigged up, let the breeze rock you to a gentle sleep.