Danielle Kang on How Practice Builds Confidence

The golf pro discusses how putting in extra work can help improve your poise on the course.

“Practice makes perfect” is an old saying many athletes have heard. And it can be particularly true on the golf course. While you need to work to build your skills and physical ability, you also need to practice to help improve the mental side of your game.

It takes time to build the confidence to be able to routinely make shots. Professional golfer Danielle Kang spoke to Pro Tips about how practice can help you have more trust in your abilities.

“The game itself can get you really, really frustrated,” Kang says. “The more you practice, the more confidence you’ll build in yourself. And you take that confidence to the golf course and trust the work that you did.”


Building your golf skills takes time and dedication. However, it also takes time to raise your confidence when it comes to hitting and making shots. Kang says many amateur golfers ask her if there are more simple ways to hit particular shots.

“Of course there are ways to hit it easier,” she says. “However, you have to do it about 10,000 more times to make it come to you naturally.”


Finding success on the course can require you to believe that you can hit particular shots or play your way out of certain situations. While that can often be easier said than done, putting in the necessary work can help you grow your poise with every drive, chip and putt.

“You have to have the love of the game. And you have to kind of believe in yourself and believe in the work that you put in,” Kang says. “Eventually it will pay off.”

By practicing and continuing to build your confidence, you’ll be ready to chip your way out of a pesky sand trap or sink a birdie putt.

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