Workouts You Can Do at Home

Skip the gym, not the workout, with these at-home exercise ideas.

A good fitness routine is all about the basics — and you don’t need a gym membership or your own equipment to get in shape.

You can begin with these at-home workout ideas, which include a few new moves for each day of the week. Get your heart pumping with jumping jacks and high-knees, and hone in on your core with a mix of bicycle and standing crunches. Here’s a few tips for working out at home:

1. Find a comfortable space where you can freely move and stretch. The right locale might just inspire you to keep active each day.

2. Maintain good gym habits outside of the gym. Always properly stretch before you train, and keep hydrated during your workout. Wear comfortable athletic footwear and athletic apparel.

3. Do what’s comfortable. Not ready for a particular workout move? Start slow and work your way towards your goal.

4. Try getting inspired with a customized workout playlist.

5. Outfit your makeshift home gym with simple fitness accessories. Think exercise balls, foam rollers, jump ropes and more.

Get Started By Printing These Pro Tips At-Home Workouts