Cross-Training 101: Getting Ready For Class

Cross training is any combination of exercise designed to develop a well-rounded athlete.

What Is Cross Training?

Cross training is the ultimate boredom-buster in the gym. Also referred to as circuit training, cross training is any combination of exercise designed to develop a well-rounded athlete.

A cross training workout will likely include elements of cardio, strength and flexibility training. It’s perfect for athletes looking to mix up their current routine.  Keep in mind, cross training workouts are not geared toward specific fitness goals.

Why Should I Do It?

Cross training is a great way to improve your overall fitness level. These exercises offer a well-rounded aerobic and strength workout that scorches fat and tones key muscle groups. Athletes of all sports and skill levels can benefit from some form of cross training.

Varying your exercise method keeps both mind and body engaged in your workout. Adhering to the same program day after day can even lead to overuse of muscle groups and potential injury.

What Should I Expect In Class?

Expect the unexpected — cross training classes can vary greatly. Always consult your gym or instructor ahead of time to discuss your fitness needs and skill level.

What Do You Need To Get Started?

  • Cross Training Shoes: When it comes to cross training, don’t head to the gym in a pair of running shoes. Running footwear is designed for the repetitive forward motion of , well, running. Cross trainers are multi-faceted and designed to provide basic comfort and stability for a variety physical activity. They have outsoles specially designed for lateral movements.
  • Athletic Socks: Never overlook the importance of your socks. Go for socks with light padding and an ergonomic right and left fit for added comfort. Moisture-wicking fibers help manage sweat.
  • Athletic Bottoms: Versatility is key for cross training. Pull on a pair of stretchable shorts, leggings or bottoms. Bottoms with four-way stretch fabric allow for a complete range of motion, perfect for lifting, sprinting and twisting.
  • Tank Tops & Tees: Go for lightweight, breathable fabric that lets you move freely. Mesh inserts promote natural airflow.
  • Sports Bras: Wear a moderate to high-impact sports bra for your cross training class. Racerback bras allow for uninhibited upper body movement and excellent support.
  • Microfiber Towel: Ultra-soft microfibers towel stay fresh as they help you keep sweat in check.
  • Water Bottle: Hydration is key for any cross training workout, so don’t forget your water bottle. Valve spouts help prevent spills and leaks. You can safely store both hot and cold liquids in a bottle that’s BPA-free.
  • Sleeves: Knee, calf and elbow sleeves help protect your joints and soft tissue while participating in activities like functional fitness.