Fusion Fitness Full-Body Workout

Kit Rich combines circuit training, yoga and Pilates for a full-body 30-minute workout.

Get in shape with a combination of effective exercises in just 30 minutes. Fitness trainer Kit Rich incorporates traditional circuit, yoga and Pilates for a full-body workout.  “The benefit to combining all of them is that you get cardio, stretching, and strengthening all in one workout,” Kit says.

The first section is intended to get your heart rate up and blast calories. The second part of the routine is inspired by yoga flow, while part three is inspired by Pilates and focuses on the core.

Warm up with light cardio for 2-3 minutes. If you’re at home or in the office, lightly jog in place. Before beginning, make sure to also circle your arms forward and back to wake up your shoulders, chest and back. Click here for a full, detailed description on how to do each exercise. Ready? Let’s go!

Part 1: Traditional Circuit

(30 seconds for each move)

  1. Walk the Plank
  2. Jumping Jacks
  3. Wide Arm Push-Ups
  4. Squat
  5. Jump Rope Drill

Break for 30 seconds.

Part 2: Yoga Circuit

(30 seconds each move)

  1. Downward Dog to Plank
  2. Crescent Pose (Right Leg)
  3. Crescent Pose (Left Leg)
  4. Downward Dog to Plank
  5. Warrior 1 (Right Leg)
  6. Warrior 1 (Left Leg)
  7. Downward Dog to Plank
  8. Tricep Push-Ups

Repeat exercises one more time for a total of two rounds.

Part 3: Pilates Circuit

(30 seconds each move)

  1. Hundreds: 1 set
  2. Single Leg Stretch: 10x each leg
  3. Single Straight Leg Stretch: 10x each leg
  4. Double Leg Stretch: 5x
  5. Double Straight Leg Stretch: 5x
  6. Criss Cross: 10x each side
  7. Roll Ups: 5-10 reps