How to Do a Box Jump

Learn how to develop your power and speed with these Pro Tips on how to do the box jump.

Looking for a strength training exercise you can do at home? As long as you have a sturdy plyo box, you can complete a box jump.

The box jump is an exercise that can help develop power and speed. This exercise also incorporates the universal athletic position, which is an integral part of all athletic movement.

To get set in the universal athletic position, drive your hips straight back and lean your chest slightly forward. Then, bend your knees while fully extending your arms, putting them in line with your torso. Be sure to bring your shoulder blades down and back.

“Through proper technique, athlete’s will learn how to absorb their own body weight,” professional baseball strength and conditioning coach Jorge Canepa says.

PRO TIP: Talk to a strength and conditioning coach or a trainer at your local gym to determine what box height is right for you. Finding the proper box height will depend on your own height and jumping ability.


Now that you have your box, it’s time to get into position.

  • Stand in front of the box.
  • Get set in the universal athletic position and drive your feet into the ground.
  • Begin the jumping process by remembering to push off the ground hard and swing your arms forward to help drive momentum.
  • Propel yourself on top of the box, landing in the universal athletic position.
  • Hold the universal athletic position for two to three seconds.
  • Return to the ground by stepping off the box or using the depth jump.

When you step off the box, you’ll do so backward, finishing exactly where you started. However, for the depth jump, stand tall on the box and hop off the front in a forward direction. You should land on the ground in the universal athletic position.

“The depth jump teaches the athlete how to safely absorb force through the hips, quads and hamstrings to quickly apply that same force again,” Canepa says.

To repeat the steps, simply jump back on the box if you decided to step off. However, if you landed in front of the box while using the depth jump, walk around the box and return to the starting position.

After completing your box jump workout, it’s time to implement proper recovery. Learn how to use a foam roller to massage different muscles.