How to Do the Get Up

Looking to help strengthen your core? Try these Pro Tips on how to do the "get up" strength training exercise.

In between leg day at the gym and working on your upper-body strength, it’s easy to forget about core exercises. A simple exercise to help strengthen your core is the get up.

The get up also incorporates total-body mobility, tension and stability. Jorge Canepa, a professional baseball strength and conditioning coach, says all young athletes should understand this exercise.

For this strength training exercise, you’ll be lying with your back on the ground. It’s optional to use an exercise mat to assist with your comfort.

To begin, lie down with your back touching the ground. You’ll then extend your legs straight out until they’re about shoulder-width apart. Your thighs should not be touching each other. After setting your legs, lift your arms straight up above your chest. Keep your elbows straight and locked.


Now that your starting position is set, here’s how to do the get up:

  • Tighten your core while driving your heels into the ground.
  • Stabilize your shoulders and back, keeping them in contact with the ground.
  • Drive your upper body up with your core. Remember to keep your arms straight up and your elbows locked.
  • Finish by sitting straight up and bringing your hands above your head.
  • Lower back to the ground in a slow, controlled motion. Your back should go all the way to the floor, touching the ground.
  • Repeat.

Man Doing Get Up Exercise

After practicing this movement multiple times, you should be able to get your body into a 90-degree angle at the finish. When reversing the movement back toward the ground, be sure to not slouch back or throw your back to the ground.

“Once you become proficient, challenge yourself by adding weight,” Canepa says.

Now that you know how to complete the get up, continue training your core with these 10 low belly exercises.