What is Odor Control Technology?

Learn how odor control technology can help keep your athletic apparel fresh.

After a big win or a personal best day in the gym, there’s nothing like the sweet smell of victory. However, you might not always come out smelling like a rose afterward. That’s where odor control technology may be helpful.

When working up a sweat, it’s also not uncommon to work up a stench. Sometimes it may even take multiple washes to rid athletic gear of lingering odors.

Odor control technology has a straightforward goal. Worked into fabrics during manufacturing, this technology can help minimize unpleasant smells.


Choosing athletic apparel manufactured with odor control technology has a handful of benefits.

  • Odor reduction: The main goal of textiles with this technology is to reduce odors caused by sweat.
  • Stain reduction: These fabrics may also protect against stains.
  • Less washing: Odor control technology helps your apparel stay fresher longer. This can mean less washes, which can help preserve the life of your gear.


Anti-odor clothing can be a broad category. A variety of athletic apparel exists with this technology, so you can deck yourself out from head to toe.

One of the first casualties when working up a sweat is the freshness of your feet. With this in mind, some shoes and socks can be found with odor control technology. Not only can it help keep unpleasant smells at bay during workouts, it can also help shoes – which can be difficult to clean – stay fresher longer.

Whether you’re a runner, a basketball star or a yogi, shorts and leggings for all sports are sometimes created with anti-odor fabrics. The same is also true for shirts and sports bras, ranging from stylish yoga fashions to technical gear.

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