Game Day Spirit: Easy Baseball Face Painting Ideas 

This baseball is comin’ in hot. Follow these easy steps to put on the perfect game face for your next ballgame.

There are lots of ways to show your team pride, but nothing’s quite as fun or eye-catching as face paint. On the bench or bleachers, a little color goes a long way in getting the crowd riled up. Learn these quick and simple designs to fire up your next baseball game.


First, paint the foundation. Using a medium, flat brush, fill in a white circle in the center of the cheek, leaving room for flames on top. Set the white paint aside and save it for later.

Next, heat things up with some multi-colored flames. To do this, use a large, flat brush on a split cake — a pot of paint filled with different strips of color. Using this helps the colors blend easily. Load the brush with paint using a back and forth motion. If you don’t have a split cake, grab red and yellow paint and apply them to your brush together.

Once your flames are drawn, add details and outlines. With a small, round brush, add two red lines that bend in toward the center, but don’t touch, for the laces. To make stitching, draw red V’s down the two red lines. Then, outline your white circle with black paint to emphasize the baseball.

And finally, add some flare. You can add white details to the flame and under the ball to set it in motion.

Top it off with glitter, if desired, using a poofer bottle. Make sure your living canvas closes their eyes and voilà! You got one hot baseball comin’ your way.


Cheering on your favorite team with your friends? Switch up your festive face paint! Here are some more spirited, eye-catching looks to try.

For the first look, start by creating lines in your team’s colors using a medium, round brush. Begin near the eye and paint down the cheek. Remember to clean off your brush in-between colors.

Then, add details. Using the same round brush, include some dots to spice up the design.

Top it off with some sparkle using a glitter poofer bottle and make sure your living canvas closes their eyes.

For another, start by creating an eye black-like brush stroke under the eye using a medium or large filbert or flat brush. You can do this in your team’s primary color.

Then, add a second line of eye black in your team’s secondary color.

With these fan-favorite designs, you’ll not only wow the crowd, but also cheer on your favorite team in style.