Game Day Spirit: Easy Basketball Face Painting Ideas 

Big basketball game coming up? Show your team pride with some festive face paint. Here’s how to get this look.

Just because you’re not in the game doesn’t mean you can’t do your best to intimidate the other team. And what’s more intimidating than the ultimate game face? Add some spirit to your look with these face painting designs sure to psych out the competition and pump up your team.


First, create your foundation. With a filbert brush or a medium, flat brush, paint an orange circle on the cheek.

Next, outline and fill it in. With a small, round brush, outline your orange circle with a black line. Add three horizontal, bending black lines and one vertical, bending black line for the seams on the basketball.

Finally, add some details. Using the same small, round brush, add a few thin, white lines to the left and right sides of the ball to create a three-dimensional look. Set it in motion with black and white action lines trailing behind your ball.

Use a poofer bottle to top it off with glitter, if desired. Now you’re ready to cheer on the big game.


Need another look? These eye-catching designs are sure to add some spirit to your next tailgate, game day or big celebration.

For one option, start by using a medium, round brush to create lines in your team’s colors. Paint down your cheek from the eye and remember to clean off your brush in-between colors.

Then, add dot details using the same round brush. Top it off with some sparkle using a glitter poofer bottle. Just make sure to keep glitter far away from eyes.

For another, start by creating an eye black-like brush stroke under the eye using a medium or large filbert or flat brush. Do this in your team’s primary color. Finish it off with a second line of eye black in your team’s secondary color.

With these simple designs and easy-to-follow instructions, you’ve got everything you need to make your next court-side game even more fun. Put on your game face and get excited!