How to Play Bounce Back

Learn how to play an outdoor game that’s sure to put some extra bounce in your next get-together.

Whether it’s a backyard barbecue or a pre-game tailgate, having a fun yard game as part of the festivities is essential.

Bounce Back takes the fundamentals of a traditional bean bag toss and turns them into a fun, new way to play. Follow along with this Pro Tips guide to learn more about the game, the rules and how you can become a Bounce Back boss.


When setting up Bounce Back, unfold the game and place the rubber base on a flat surface. The side with the five rebounder targets should be facing toward you. The game can be played one-on-one or two-on-two, with each team receiving a set of four bean bags. Each team should have its own color bean bag.


The goal is to toss bean bags at the five rebounder targets so they “bounce back” (hence the name) into one of the five holes on the opposite side of the playing surface. Players should stand 10 feet away from the target and alternate throws between teams. Much like traditional bag-tossing games, Bounce Back also encourages players to use an underhand throw.

A “shootout” determines which team goes first, with one player from each team tossing a single bean bag. The player with the highest score earns the opportunity for their team to start the game. Each player will toss four bean bags per round.


Points are based on the difficulty of getting a bean bag into each of the five holes.

The point system breaks down as follows:

  • Top two holes: 3 points
  • Middle hole: 2 points
  • Bottom two holes: 1 point

Bounce Back also uses cancellation scoring. For example, if one team scores five points and the other gets three, the team with the higher point total receives two points for that round. The first player or team to reach 21 points wins the game.

Now that you know the official rules of Bounce Back, it’s time to round up a group of friends and start playing.

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