Parent Pro Tips: Back-to-School Shopping for Teen Boys

Help your teen earn an A+ in style with these back-to-school shopping tips from pro athlete stylist Calyann Barnett.

Every teen knows that summer coming to a close can mean only one thing: school starts soon. For teens, a new year means a new chance to show off their style. And you can’t go wrong with brands like Champion, adidas, Nike, Under Armour, DSG, Patagonia, Vans and The North Face.

Pro athlete stylist Calyann Barnett is an expert when it comes to finding the perfect look. Here are her top tips on shopping for your teen boy.


Barnett says that shoes are a key part of any look. Whether it’s to make a statement or tie an outfit together, you should start from the ground up. When buying shoes, look for a pair that is versatile and doesn’t put your teen into a box.

“The right kicks make the outfit,” Barnett says.


back to school shoes for teen boys van's checkerboard slip-ons, adidas ultraboosts and nike airmax 97 shoes


In the world of fashion, what’s old is often new again. This school season the ‘90s are back in style.

“Kids love nostalgia, love the ‘90s vibe,” Barnett says. “They want to live in our era, which should make it easy for you.”

Look for pieces that have a retro feel or classic brands that are making a comeback.


back to school shopping for teen boys retro looks, 90s looks for teen boys


When shopping, Barnett says that you want to buy pieces rather than outfits. This prevents teens from getting stuck wearing the same thing. As for what pieces to buy, Barnett encourages teens not to be afraid to use patterns or even mix different patterns together.

“You want people to look at you and know you have that swagger, that style, and that you’re confident in what you’re wearing,” she says.


back to school looks for teen boys_statement pieces


It’s also important for a wardrobe to have pieces that work with everything. The best style for that job? Neutrals.

Incorporating neutral colors into your look has two key benefits. The first is that you can mix and match them with nearly anything else in your closet.

Also, if you do go for patterns, adding a neutral item to an outfit can help balance it out.


back to school looks for teen guys neutral pieces

Now that you have the tools to help your son be stylish and confident on his first day, check out Barnett’s shopping tips for teen girls and more looks we love.