Travel Hacks: The Seven Best Travel Tips for Your Next Adventure

Learn how to adventure with more confidence in your carry-on by using these travel tips.

Whether your travel style is to procrastinate or overprepare, everyone can benefit from tips to help ease the process. These seven Pro Tips travel packing hacks can help you maximize your luggage space and minimize your stress.


The key to dressing for travel success? Comfort. Wear cozy clothes that won’t restrict your movement. Layering up with hoodies and sweatshirts has multiple benefits. Not only will you stay warm on cool planes, you can save on packing space, too. If you’re flying, it’s also important to be mindful of your shoes. Wearing socks and easy-to-remove footwear can help ease security stress.


With weight limits and fees for checked baggage when flying, maximizing your carry-on items becomes critical. To prepare for any luggage mishaps, your carry-on should contain everything you’ll need for the first couple days of your trip.

It’s also important to keep any high-value items with you. This can be a personal item that can fit under the seat or something you store in your carry-on. For even more on-plane storage, you can also wear a fanny pack, which essentially acts as a bonus bag when flying. Also, for added comfort you can wear a neck pillow around your neck while boarding the plane. This way you can stay cozy during the flight without trying to squish a pillow into your suitcase.


While you should try to pack as light as possible, there are ways to maximize your space. Start by looking for packing cubes. Packing cubes come in multiple sizes and can allow for easy organization. Rolling certain clothes can also help you save some space. Going somewhere cold? A pillowcase can also help you compress puffy jackets.


When traveling, sometimes luggage can get a bit musty. With these tips on how to keep your suitcase smelling fresh, those worries can fade away. A dry bag can do more than just store wet items; it can be a great way to manage your laundry. To keep odors at bay, you can also pack a dryer sheet with your clothes or put a bar of scented in soap in a thick, old sock.


You don’t want to run out of battery when you need your GPS the most. Having a power bank is a great way to keep your charge going. You may also want to bring along a portable charger. But if you forget and don’t have a charging box, you can plug USB chargers into your hotel room TV.


Building your own emergency kit can help prepare you for whatever your travels may bring. The foundation of your emergency pack should include a first-aid kit. When traveling by plane, you may also want to consider bringing disposable ear plugs to help alleviate discomfort from the change in air pressure. If you are traveling by car, you’ll want to have an emergency car kit that includes items like jumper cables, a blanket, tool kit and flashlight. It is also important to protect your suitcase. Luggage locks can add security and keep your bags from opening by accident.


Airports and rest stops are known for their pricy snacks and even pricier water bottles. You can save money and prevent waste by bringing an empty reusable water bottle to fill as you go. When it comes to travel snacks, think about the same items you would bring hiking.

Keep in mind that your destination will impact what you pack. Need more packing Pro Tips? Learn what to pack for a day at the beach or how to pack your car for a snowboarding trip.