Defensive Back Tips: Blitzing

A defensive back is seldom called on to blitz, but when you are, taking the right angle and timing are crucial.

Every defensive back wants to make that big play and that can happen when the defensive back is called on to blitz.

When blitzing, slowly creep up to the line of scrimmage, anticipating the snap count. If you show too early, you will lose the element of surprise. If you show too late, the offense can get up the field without having to block you. Timing is key for a blitz by a defensive back.

Once the ball is snapped and you get into your rush lane, it’s important to maintain good body control. Stay low with your pad level and keep your eyes and head up, scanning the offense to identify whether it is a run play or a pass play. If it is a run play, attack that offensive player from the outside shoulder in, making the offensive player plant his foot and attempt to get up field. This will force the running back right into the pursuing defense.

If you get into your rush lane and recognize that it is a pass play, maintain a good rush angle and attack the quarterback from the top shoulder down. Again, you want to force the quarterback to plant his foot and come up field, right into the rest of the defense. Use your teammates to your advantage.

When the defensive back is called on to blitz, the purpose is to disrupt the offense and make big plays in the backfield. Don’t commit too early or too late, read the play and maintain good body control in order to be successful.