Defensive Line Tips: The 4-Point Stance Form

For short yardage and goal line situations, know knowing how to properly execute the four4-point stance can help you create a new line of scrimmage.

Although the four-point stance is probably the most uncommon, it’s great for short yardage and goal line situations. The best way to get into a four-point stance is to start with a six-point stance.

Get on the ground with both hands, both knees and the toes of both feet touching the turf.

From there, elevate your hips to bring your knees off the ground. Keep a flat back with your knees slightly bent and heels off the ground. With your weight forward, you should be ready to explode into the offensive line and create a new line of scrimmage.

Players that use a four-point stance still have the same goal in mind as a three-point stance ­– to be aggressive and swarm the ball.

Now that you’re in position, it’s time to learn how to explode off the line.