Deion Sanders on Playing Multiple Sports

Why limit yourself to just one? Football great Deion Sanders discusses why playing a variety of sports can be beneficial.

When you have a passion for a sport, your focus is to get better at it every day. Regardless if it’s football, lacrosse or tennis, the drive to be the best pushes you.

But should that come at the expense of not playing other sports?

Hall of Fame football player Deion Sanders believes there are benefits to being a multi-sport athlete. He should know – he played both professional baseball and football.

“I think kids should be all that they can be,” Sanders says. “Do all the things that you can do.”


While you may excel at one specific sport, this doesn’t mean you cannot be successful in another. If you have athletic talent, it can help you find success across various sports, as many feature overlapping skills.

“I think kids should do what they are gifted to do,” Sanders says. “And I don’t think God says, ‘Hey man, you’re just gifted to play baseball.’ It [doesn’t] work like that.”


Not only can playing multiple sports be rewarding on the field, it can be beneficial off the field as well. For example, the structure of sports can help some athletes excel in the classroom.

According to research done by The DICK’S Sporting Goods Foundation in partnership with the Women’s Sports Foundation, those who play sports are more likely to have higher grades and greater aspirations to attend college.

Going from football in the fall to basketball in the winter to track in the spring can help you stay focused.

“And usually when you drop off a sport after that initial season, you tend to slack a little bit,” Sanders says. “Because the coaches are on your butt during that particular season.”

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