Football 101: How to Catch a Football

Learning how to properly catch the football early in your career can really benefit your game down the road. Check out these quick tips to get your receiving game right before next season.

Learning how to catch a football is a critical part of the game — and there’s a certain art to landing the ball correctly and efficiently.

DICK’S Sporting Goods Tech Rep Will Hewlett has a few tips for avoiding drops. He prefers to wear receiver gloves with a tacky texture for a more sure-handed grip.

“Regardless of style or brand, what I like about gloves is they give the receiver confidence,” Hewlett says.

When you’re on the field, keep your eye on the ball — drops happen when receivers take their eyes off the ball. Then, ensure you maintain the proper hand position. When the ball arrives above your hips, keep your thumbs and index fingers together for proper hand position. When the ball is below your hips, keep your pinkies together for proper hand position.

Lastly, learn the five points of contact for landing the ball. Secure the ball to your chest for added security.