Football Agility Drills: The L Drill

Add this drill to your football practices to help players improve their agility and change of direction.

Looking for a football drill that works on improving several skills at once? Adding the L Drill to offseason workouts is a great way to help players improve how they change direction and acceleration on the gridiron.

“This drill teaches our players to get off the football, change direction, move laterally and, most importantly, to finish,” says Chris Merritt, a high school coaching veteran and founding member of Heads Up Football.

To set up the drill, place three cones in the shape of an “L.” Make sure to leave about five yards in between each cone.


To perform the drill:

  • Start in a three-point stance
  • Next, run to the middle cone, touch the line with your hand, return to the starting cone and touch that line with your hand. Use the same hand to touch both lines.
  • You’ll then run around the middle cone and do a figure 8 around the last cone.
  • Complete the drill by turning around the middle cone and running through the starting cone.

“The L Drill gives us about 10 to 15 seconds of activity which gives us great interval training that simulates what we do on Friday nights,” Merritt says.

You can use this agility drill in the offseason as a way to help players boost their movement on the field. Coaches can also set it up as a competition that can help break up the routine of long summer practices and bring some fun to the field.

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