Football Drills: The 3-Cone L Drill

Players at every position could benefit from this drill, which focuses on improving skills needed to strengthen your overall athletic ability

Athleticism is a very important skill for football players. The 3-cone L drill helps players work on agility, body control, ability to change direction and general quickness and can be used for any position on the football field.

To start the drill, place three cones approximately five yards apart in the shape of an L. Start in an athletic stance at either cone at the end of the L.  When ready, sprint to the middle cone in the L and touch it with your hand. After touching that cone, run back to the first cone and touch it. Plant your outside foot and pivot back toward the middle cone. This time you will round it, heading to the third cone at the other end of the L. You will round the third cone, heading back toward the middle and round the middle cone as you sprint back past the first.

Execute this drill in both directions to practice quick turns to your left and right. Try switching up the hand that you use when touching the first two cones to help train both sides of your body.

You should stay low and balanced throughout the drill. When touching the first two cones, be quick in your directional transition and work on staying tight in your turns as you round the cones. Turning too wide will slow you down.

Add this drill to your practice this season for a great agility training session.