Football Drills: The Circle Drill

One of the most important elements of athleticism is efficient movement. Practice this drill to help develop this vital skill and improve your agility.

The circle drill is great for any athlete who needs to move efficiently on the football field. This can be broken into two variations to help build athleticism.


To start this drill, place cones in a circle that is about five yards in diameter and pick one cone as your starting point. Get in an athletic stance, and when ready or upon a cue from the coach, run around the circle as fast as possible. Lean toward the inside of the circle to stay low and tight in your path. When you reach the original starting cone, break away from the circle and run straight for five yards to end the drill.


For this variation, remove the top half of the circle to create a half circle. You will start in an athletic position at one end of the half circle. Like before, you will run around the half circle until you reach the other end. At that point you will reach down and touch the last cone while you plant your outside foot and pivot in the opposite direction, exploding back to the original cone. Get low and touch this cone while again planting your outside foot and driving away from the half circle. Sprint straight for five yards to finish the drill.

For both variations of this circle drill, make sure that you do multiple repetitions in both directions (clockwise and counter clockwise).  Stay low and maintain your balance throughout the drill.  The more body control you have, the further you can lean toward the middle of the circle and the faster you can turn. Keep your path around the circle tight. You do not want to flare out and create a wider circle with your route.

These drills are great to help develop agility, quickness and body control. For more drills to incorporate at practice try the 3-Cone L Drill and 4-Cone Box Drill.