Football Drills: Single Leg Hops

Learn how this drill can help boost your explosiveness by putting focus on a single leg.

Explosiveness can make a big difference on the football field. Being able to kick into that extra gear on the gridiron can lead to a game-changing play, such as a sack to force a turnover or a big gain to set up first and goal.

Therefore, it’s important to work on drills in practice that can help improve your explosiveness for game day. Single Leg Hops is one of these drills.

“Since most explosive change-in-direction moves are done off of one foot, this drill focuses on that explosion,” Division I football coach Chris Merritt says.


To perform this drill, you’ll need several agility hurdles set up in a straight line. Make sure to keep about a yard between each hurdle. You’ll run through the Single Leg Hops drill by:

  • Hopping over each of the hurdles on the same foot.
  • Maintaining arm swing throughout the drill.
  • Sprinting after the last hurdle.

“On that last land, explode out of it,” Merritt says.

Explosiveness is a game-changer on the football field. Adding the Single Leg Hops to practice can help you be ready to use it during the crucial moments of a big game.

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