Tips for Using Football Training Aids

Watch this Pro Tips video to learn more about training aids and how they can help enhance your speed & agility, skill development, and recovery.

All players should work to remain in game-ready shape for the season.

DICK’S Sporting Goods Tech Rep Will Hewlett shows you how to get started with football training aids. Training aids primarily fall into three categories: skills, recovery, and speed and agility.

Speed is the amount of ground you can cover on the field, while agility measures how quickly you can change direction. Hewlett suggests trying a speed chute or speed ladder to work on these parts of your performance. Skill development should help you fine-tune specific aspects of your game. Always look for training aids designed for your position on the field.

Recovery development is an essential for all players. In order to play at your peak, you must allow your body to rest post-game and practice. Muscle rollers, cooling packs and hydration gear can help restore your body after aggressive play.