Football Training Aids: Ways to Use Resistance Trainers

Adding this training gear to practice can help boost a player’s speed and movement on the gridiron this football season.

When football players train, they put in the work to help get them a step ahead of their opponents. This includes using resistance trainers to improve their quickness and their movements on the field.


Resistance trainers are football training aids that can help, particularly in the offseason, when teams are working on improving their speed.

“This is a great lateral resistance band that allows you to exercise several different movements going forward, backward and sideways and provides constant horizontal resistance versus a weight room that relies on gravity,” says Chris Merritt, a high school coaching veteran and founding member of Heads Up Football.

Players across the field can use a resistance trainer to help improve their speed, acceleration and movement. Everyone from running backs to linemen to defensive backs should see the benefits of training while battling constant resistance.

“This product is a great tool to use at all positions and any type of movement any player does,” Merritt says.

Speed is a difference-maker on the football field. Adding a resistance trainer to your practice can help take a player’s mobility to the next level.

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