Game Day Spirit: Easy Football Face Painting Ideas 

Cheer on your team with extra pride this football season in face paint designs that will wow the crowd.

Team gear? Check. Tailgate supplies? Check. A winning attitude? You got it. The only thing missing from your gameday arsenal is a perfect game face. Pro Tips has you covered with these great face painting ideas and designs to make your next game your best, whether you’re in the game or on the sidelines.


Take the stands with these football face paint designs. These gridiron looks will elevate the big game to the next level.

First, create a football foundation. Using a medium, flat brush, paint a brown, football-shaped oval on the cheek.

Then, add some flare. Paint strokes of your team’s colors around the ball with a small or medium flat or filbert brush.

Next, paint the laces. Using a small, round brush, paint a few white lines into the flares and add two white lines that bend in toward the center on the ball. To create laces, draw a horizontal white line and with a few little vertical lines over it.

Then, add details and outline. With a small, round brush, outline your football with a thin, black line and include some emphasis lines for dimension.

Finally, include some dotted details and embellishments and, if you want, top it off with glitter using a poofer bottle. Make sure your canvas closes their eyes for this. Now you have one extra-spirited football.


Want to take it up a notch and match your favorite player? Try the football helmet face paint design.

First, establish the basic shape of the helmet. Grab three colors and a large, flat brush. You can use your team’s colors to show your pride. If you’re using white, start with that so it doesn’t become muddy with the other colors. Paint a block at the center of the forehead.  Next, paint two thick lines on the right and left sides of the center block. Then, paint the space above the eyes, down to the bottom of the cheek and fill the area completely.

Next, add eye black. Use a medium filbert brush to paint a thick, black line under each eye.

Then, paint a facemask. Using a small, round brush, paint silver or white lines from side to side and underneath the mouth to create a facemask.

Finally, add details and outline your look. Include a few thin, white lines along the helmet and facemask to create a three-dimensional look. Make the design really pop by outlining it in black. Now you’re ready for the big game!


Looking for some more eye-catching designs to add some spirit to your next tailgate, game day or big celebration? Here are two simple styles to try.

For the first design, create lines in your team’s colors using a medium, round brush. Start beneath the eye and paint down the cheek, cleaning off your brush between colors.

Add details by including dots in the design using the same round brush.

Add some sparkle using a glitter poofer bottle and be careful to keep it away from your canvas’ eyes.

For another look, make an eye black-like brush stroke in your team’s primary under the eye using a medium or large filbert or flat brush. Then, add a second line of eye black in your team’s secondary color.

Boom! You’re now ready to tackle the competition and cheer on your favorite team with a festive, spirited look.