Learning the Quarterback 3-Step Drop

A basic fundamental action each quarterback should use is the 3-step drop. In this video, learn three simple steps for mastering this basic technique.

Watch as DICK’S Sporting Goods Tech Rep Will Hewlett shows you how to master the quarterback 3-step drop.

The quarterback 3-step drop is great for throwing short passes or timing your routes.  In just three simple steps, Hewlett shows you how to achieve the right stance and foot positioning to master this classic quarterback move.

First, secure your stance. Make sure your feet are shoulder-width apart, toes slightly turned in with your weight on your instep. Then drop your hips, bend your knees and keep your chin and chest up to scan the field.

Next, step for depth. Drive off your left leg and reach your right leg back to six o’clock. This needs to be an explosive movement that sets you as far back as possible from the center. Then, set up your throw.