Offensive Line Tips: The Get Off

Every step you take counts. Gain momentum and set yourself up for a successful block with these tips.

As an offensive lineman, it’s crucial to get momentum going forward on a running play when the ball is snapped. The first three steps are integral in determining whether you’re going to win or lose that block on the play.

As you get into your stance, you want a balanced three-point stance with your hand down on the dirt. Your first step will be a 6″ power step, in which you will gather your hands and create balance with your foot flat on the ground. Your second step should be another 6″ power step. This time you will strike your opponent, driving your hands forward and continuing to increase pad level as you push through the defender. As you progress in your skill development, practice with a dummy to drive through with your block.

By exploding out of your stance and getting those three initial steps, you’ll have a great opportunity to win your block and help your team win that play.