Offseason Football Workouts: The Tire Flip

Spice up those offseason workouts with this tough, entertaining and competitive drill.

For athletes, the football offseason can become mundane fast. Lift. Study plays. Walkthrough. Repeat. To keep your players motivated, add some interesting, unexpected and fun activities that will not only grab your team’s attention, but will also be a positive influence on their player development. A drill like the tire flip checks all the boxes.

This exercise lets players train their lower hip explosion by lifting and flipping enormous tires on their sides. This drill is a creative way to get teammates involved and build that camaraderie needed for success. Intersquad competition can be a positive building block that creates those lasting bonds between players, leading to more fluidity and cohesion on the football field.

The tire flip is simple to set up. All you need are two tires. To get the most out of the drill and add some difficulty, use tractor or big rig tires. Their overall size and weight will give this drill the intensity it needs to be effective.

Once you have the tires, line them up side by side at the starting line. Have two players start from an athletic position and attack the tires, flipping them as they progress down their respective lanes. Mark the finish line 10 to 20 yards downfield and start the timer. Whichever player reaches the finish line first is the winner.

Encourage positive reinforcement among your roster as the two competitors flip out in this fun, effective offseason exercise. Teammates can cheer each other on while they strengthen their skills and prepare for the season ahead.

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