Offseason Football Workouts: Tug of War

It’s not just for summer camp anymore. Create competition with this fun, effective offseason workout.

When devising an offseason workout plan for your football team’s spring and summer months, you can’t forget to add some flair to the field. Rather than pounding plays, routes and schemes into your players’ heads while supplementing with weightlifting and cardio, sprinkle in some fun, competitive activities to keep your team on its toes. An easy addition to any offseason workout is the Tug of War.

The beauty of this drill lies in the fact that nothing more is needed than a field, a rope and your team. This simple, powerful activity can be the spice needed to zest up your practices.

To start, groups of five players line up on one half of a long, outstretched rope. The rope should be split by a marker in the middle. A hash mark should serve as the center line. The objective of the contest is to have one side use their strength, footing and drive to pull the opposite end over the middle line or advance the marker far enough to their side for a victory.

Tug of War is fantastic for football teams in the offseason because the players must rely on teamwork, strength and leverage on the gridiron in order to come out on top. The offseason can be a great time for players to build these necessary bonds with their teammates, removed from the stress of regular-season action. You can also encourage the rest of your roster to get in on the action by cheering on one another throughout the drill.

If you’re looking to add some fun and competition to your training this offseason, give the Tug of War a whirl. Blow the whistle, get after it and check out even more training tips and drills to add to your football practice.