Overcoming Adversity with Stefon Diggs

Follow along as the professional football player gives his insight on how to tackle adversity on and off the field.

There are many times when adversity stands between you and your goal. No matter your objective – making a team’s roster, scoring a touchdown, achieving a new personal best – you’ll need to overcome these hardships in order to find success.

Professional football player Stefon Diggs shares some insight with Pro Tips on how he has handled adversity.

“I really don’t believe in losses,” Diggs says. “I believe in lessons.”


Overcoming adversity can be a physically and mentally demanding task. You may get knocked down. But to reach your goal, you’ll need to be able to pick yourself up.

While it can be tough to make it through, doing so can help you grow as both an athlete and a person.

“Playing sports molded my life,” Diggs says. “Being pushed on the ground or knocked down, it gives you, at an early age, some character.

“For me, I felt I got pushed down enough that one day I got up and was like, ‘I am tired of getting pushed on the ground. Nah. I’m going to do the pushing.'”


One way to overcome adversity is to stay positive. On or off the field, handling adversity with a positive attitude can help you grow from the experience.

“Adversity’s always going to hit, no matter what situation,” Diggs says. “Life. Football. Being positive is a huge thing because there is nothing you can do about it. You can’t control it. You can only just move forward and kind of grow from it or learn from it.”


Leaving your comfort zone can be tough. But don’t be too intimidated to try new sports or experiences. Continue to practice and hone your skills to get better. Don’t fret if everything doesn’t come to you instantly.

Diggs recalls having a hard time picking up how to dribble a soccer ball in grade school. But after encouragement from others, he kept working and eventually learned this skill.

“It was the people around me that were like, ‘It’s not that hard. You just got to keep practicing. You got to keep working at it.’ Those are those small things that carry over to when you grow into an adult that you got to continue to work at things you want to get better at,” Diggs says.

By being ready to overcome adversity, you can forge an easier path to reach your goals.

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