Proper Hydration for Football Practice & Games

It’s next to impossible to play your best without properly fueling your body before, during and after practice and games. Check out a few other keys to staying hydrated.

Proper hydration is key to a successful game or practice — particularly during hot summer two-a-days.

Football players and coaches alike should make hydration a priority. Dehydrated players can experience muscle cramping, headaches, fatigue and overall decreased performance on the field.

“To play at the highest level, you have to keep your body fueled,” says DICK’S Sporting Goods Tech Rep Will Hewlett.

Keep the sidelines stocked with water bottles and coolers. Cool water keeps players replenished as they train, while sports drinks help restore electrolyte levels after game or practice.  Coaches and parents should also monitor players’ hydration levels.

Hot and humid environments present a significant risk for dehydration and heat stress, but hydration remains critical as football season turns to fall.