The Best Football Drills for Quarterbacks

Improve your game and learn to command your team toward the end zone with this Pro Tips collection.

Quarterbacks are the generals on offense. They command the huddle and can be a major influence on a team’s success. To be prominent under center, you need to have a vast skill set and perform an array of duties. Discover how to improve your gridiron greatness with these offensive football drills before your next scoring drive.

The Shotgun Snap Drill

The no-huddle offense can help control game tempo and keep the opposing defense on its heels. To find success in this scheme, quarterbacks need to be ready to handle the snap and react accordingly. The shotgun snap drill can help quarterbacks work on receiving the ball before moving on to the called play. Discover this effective quarterback training tool with this drill.

Quarterback Target Practice: Windows Drill

When a quarterback drops back to pass, not every receiver will be wide open. There will be times where they need to thread the needle in order to complete a successful pass. To help with reading defenders rather than receivers, quarterbacks can add the windows drill to their training routine. Learn how to set up this offensive football drill and train for better completion percentages.

Quarterback Target Practice: Target Net Drill

Once they’ve received the snap, quarterbacks have a limited time to find their target and deliver a crisp pass. The target net drill can help players train for quicker passes on target and reinforce proper body mechanics. Get the ball out quickly and use these Pro Tips to add another quality exercise to your quarterback training.

Quarterback Target Practice: H-O-R-S-E

Not every football drill needs to be as hard-nosed as the game itself. Add some fun and excitement to your next training session with a friendly game of H-O-R-S-E. Players can work on their throwing finesse and accuracy all while partaking in some enriching competition amongst teammates. Learn the ins and outs of this football drill and redefine “horseplay” for your next practice.

Quarterback Target Practice: The Fade Pass

The fade pass requires quarterbacks to have the right amount of touch and accuracy to connect for a score. This quarterback drill can help athletes find the perfect trajectory for those passes toward the back of the end zone. Add the fade pass drill to your quarterback training and make hitting that fading receiver seem second nature.

Pro Tips Guide to Fumble Recovery

No matter how talented you are on the gridiron, no one is immune from the possibility of fumbling the ball. Whether it’s because of a bad grip, poor playing conditions or a solid defensive effort, fumbles will occur. Learn to master your fumble recovery and keep your drive going with this helpful drill.

Quarterback Tips: Quick Game Drops

Having the right footwork is critical when dropping back for a pass. Understanding the cadence of dropping back from under center as well as from the shotgun can help in developing plays. Use this drill to boost your footwork after the snap and get a leg up on your competition before your next pass.

Quarterback Tips: How to Take the Snap

A mishandled snap can spell trouble for an offense. As a quarterback, it’s your job to handle the ball cleanly under center before running a play. Use this effective quarterback drill to fine-tune your mechanics before the next down. Follow along with these Pro Tips and get a grip on taking your next snap with confidence.

With these quarterback drills, you can enhance your on-field training and get ready for gameday success. Pick and choose from this Pro Tips collection and find your next favorite workout before you break the huddle.

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