Quarterback Drills: The Shotgun Snap Drill

This drill can help quarterbacks better understand the mechanics of a no-huddle offense.

The no-huddle offense has become popular on football fields across the country because it can help control the tempo of the game and keep the opposing defense on its heels.

But for the fast-paced offense to work, quarterbacks must be ready to move and react quickly.

“This is a drill that teaches quarterbacks the mechanics of a no-huddle offense, which is very important because we want to go ahead and eliminate as much of the dead time as we can between each snap in order to get the ball off as quickly and efficiently as possible,” says Chris Merritt, a high school coaching veteran and founding member of Heads Up Football.


Place three or four footballs 10 yards apart on the field. The drill will start at midfield and move toward the end zone.

Now, have the quarterback and center line up with the first football as you or a fellow coach gives them a play. The center will then snap the ball to the quarterback before heading to the next ball farther down the field. Continue this progression until all the balls are used and the players reach the end zone.

This is a drill that can be done in-season or as part of your offseason workouts.

“So coaches, if you are looking for that drill that teaches your quarterback the mechanics of a no-huddle offense and you want to improve his mechanics and the efficiency of how he runs that offense, I strongly recommend this one,” Merritt says.

This drill can also help centers do their job more effectively, too.

By being ready to run a no-huddle offense at full speed, your team’s offense will show no mercy when it lines up against the opponent’s defense this season.

Physicality is just one part of playing quarterback. The mental side of the game is just as important. A quarterback will need to be able to assess the defense to lead their team into the end zone.

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