Quarterback Tips: Commanding the Huddle

Get your offense in line with clear, concise commands backed by strong leadership and presence. Get your message across with these Pro Tips.

As the quarterback enters the huddle, it’s a good idea to have the center give a call to silence the huddle so that all players are ready to hear the play. It’s important that you have a strong presence in the huddle, demonstrating great body language as the leader of the offense. This includes eye contact with your teammates and a great tone of voice as you give the call and communicate other information for executing the play.

Speaking clearly is also essential so there are no glitches or misunderstandings. Put emphasis on the snap count, especially when it’s out of the ‘norm.’  For example, if you normally would go on “one” or on “quick” and you want to go on “two” for this particular play to draw the defense offside, you should be clear and emphasize that snap count being on “two”.

You should demand a crisp and clean huddle break as well because this is the beginning of the next play.

As the quarterback, you are the leader of the offense and that all starts with commanding the huddle.