Quarterback Tips: How to Grip the Football

For clean, accurate passes, it all starts with the grip.

In order to be a successful quarterback in the passing game, you must be accurate. For that to occur, you must have a proper grip on the football.

To execute a proper grip, place your hand on the top half of the football with two fingers on the laces: your pinky finger and ring finger. These can move slightly up and down and side to side until comfortable. Your middle and index fingers should just be on the seam of the football. Your thumb should be on the opposite lower side of the football.

When delivering the football, the point of the football should be just above parallel to the ground near the point of release.  When looking at your hand on the football, you should see an air pocket between your palm and the ball.  If you have the ball in your palm, the point of the ball will generally be pointed down and you will end up throwing the ball in a downward motion into the ground. Make sure your elbow is high for accurate passing as well.

Before throwing your next pass, think about these tips to get a better grip on the ball.