Riley Ridley on How to Reach Your Potential

The professional wide receiver offers his insight on how to set your game apart on the gridiron.

Nobody steps onto the football field and is instantly great. It takes countless hours of dedication on the field, in the weight room and during film study to reach your potential.

Professional football player Riley Ridley spoke with Pro Tips on how players can work to reach their potential on the gridiron.


You will encounter opportunities to go to the next level as an athlete. Whether that is going from JV to varsity or from being a backup to a starter, it’s important to embrace these chances.

Ridley says in these situations it is important to keep working and having the passion to be better.

“Just have love for the game,” he encourages. “Be able to separate yourself from other players, and just to have that drive and the will to be great.”


Bad plays can happen during a game. But once a mistake happens, it’s important to leave it in the past. Having a short-term memory is beneficial as it allows you to concentrate on the rest of the game.

Ridley says whenever he steps onto the field, he tries to not focus on plays that have already happened.

“Don’t worry about the previous, worry about the next,” he adds.


Players can shine when the game is on the line. No matter if it is a fourth-quarter drive or putting in extra reps in the weight room, players need to be able to embrace stepping up at crunch time.

“It’s always crunch time for me,” Ridley says.

Reaching your potential doesn’t happen overnight. However, by staying focused and putting the work in, you can be on your way to achieving your best.

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