Running Back Tips: Blocking Technique

Learn the proper hand positioning when blocking in part 2 of the running back blocking progression.

Once a running back has run their route and made their adjustment to the defender, it is time to make the block. The first key to doing so is to keep your head up and eyes open. You have to be aware of what you’re about to hit. Next, become balanced with a wide base as your feet rapidly move and your hands go into position, ready to make a block.

On contact, your elbows should be in with your pinkies out and thumbs up. Your hand contact should be underneath the breast plate of the defender. Once contact has been made with the defender, continue chopping your feet and extending your arms to drive them out of the way.

As a running back, to have a great block you need to have great contact with the defender. This means good hand placement, body leverage and drive to finish the play.