Running Back Tips: Running the Route to Block

A running back wears many hats, including being able to block. Learn the basics in part 1 of the running back blocking progression.

A running back is best known for running the ball and catching the ball, but they also must have the ability to block. Follow these tips to help improve your blocking technique.

Your objective is to get on the defender as quick as possible to make the block. So, if your start is delayed it’s going to be difficult to make the block. To help with your start, let’s look at your stance.

Make sure your toes, knees, chest and eyes are pointed in the direction you are going. Your first step should be with the inside foot, closest to the ball. Step with your left foot first, if you need to go right of the ball, and with your right foot first if you need to go left of the ball.

After the initial step, your blocking assignment will determine your route. You must get to the proper spot with aggression, while also being under control. When you get about two yards from the defender, chop your feet to take a balanced, powerful position.

Be agile and quick, ready to make an adjustment based on the movement of the defender.  They are going to try and avoid your block, but by getting a quick start off the snap, taking an efficient route and staying under control, you can beat them to the spot and move them in the direction you want to take them with your block.

Now it’s time to learn the second part of blocking as a running back and dive into the blocking technique.