Wide Receiver Tips: Blocking Techniques

When the ball isn’t in the air, it becomes a wide receiver’s duty to saddle up and take on blocking roles. Follow these guidelines to expand your skills and become an asset to the team.

If you want to be a true team player as a wide receiver, you have to be a good blocker. It all starts with setting up in a comfortable, athletic stance. You want to come off the ball with a strong, powerful first step and identify how far you are from the defensive back.

From there, start chopping or buzzing your feet. As you get close to the defensive back, get your palms and thumbs up in front of your body. Engage the defender, continuing to drive with your feet, arms extended with hands into their chest.  This will allow you to push the defender where you want them to go, creating space for the ball carrier.


The mirror drill is a great way for you to work on your blocking. Start opposite another player or coach. Place a stepover dummy or blocking bag a few yards in front of the receiver, in between them and the other player or coach, who will serve as the defender. Explode off the ball toward the stepover dummy. Straddle the stepover, sinking your hips while keeping your feet moving toward the defender. Engage the defender as soon as you have chopped your feet over the stepover. You should move side-to-side in an attempt to mirror the defender’s movements, while keeping control over the block. Keep your hands firmly pressed on the defender’s chest to help move them back and forth.

All receivers are required to block, but your ability to make a good block can be the difference between a five-yard gain and a touchdown.