Wide Receiver Tips: Getting Off the Ball with Power and Speed

Staying low, quick and powerful on the release can help you dominate your opponent.

As a receiver, you have a responsibility with the release on each play. You need to have a good plan in place as how you’re going to come off of the ball. Knowing that you have a plan can help give the confidence you need to execute a proper route.

The key to a proper release starts with getting in a proper stance. When you come out of your stance, stay low. If you’re too high coming off of the ball, the defender will be able to jam you at the line of scrimmage.

Once the ball gets snapped, make your way up the field with a powerful first step. This can help push you past the defender. Once past the defender, get into your route as quickly as possible.


To practice your release, try the ball takeoff drill. Place two cones about five yards apart. Start at the first cone, releasing off the line toward the second cone. Focus on taking a powerful first step when the ball is snapped, staying low and looking inside at the football. Work on a quick, powerful release to get past the second cone as fast as you can.

A low, quick and powerful release can help you to dominate your opponent this season. Now, learn how to create distance between your defender.