Xavien Howard on Offseason Preparation

The professional football player breaks down how putting in the extra work during the offseason can help boost your game.

The football season can be a tough trek over the course of several months. From two-a-days under the hot sun to practices in the snow, countless hours of work go into improving throughout the journey.

But your progress shouldn’t end at the final whistle of the season.

To see development on the gridiron, it can take putting in extra work during the offseason, too. Professional football player Xavien Howard spoke to Pro Tips about how important your offseason training can be.


What can you do to get better for next season? It can all depend on what position you play. If you’re a quarterback, you might want to work on your throwing mechanics. If you’re a defensive back, you can work on backpedaling and breaking cuts. One thing all players can benefit from is watching film. Doing so can help you study the positive aspects of your game, as well as what needs improvement.

Howard says he tries to work on what the coaches stressed during the season.

“It depends on what my coaches want, what we [have] been doing that whole year,” Howard says. “I try to do something different using different techniques in case they end up switching us. It all depends on what the coaches want.”

So, before your break for the offseason, it may be beneficial to speak to your coaches to get their insight on where you need to improve.


Even if you can’t work out on the field with teammates or get into the weight room, you can still find ways to get better. Going for a run or doing some bodyweight exercises are just two ways to get a workout in, even if you’re just hanging out around the house.

“You can’t lack during the offseason because there are a lot of guys around the world that are getting better and working,” Howard says. “Even if you are in the house, you got to do push-ups, crunches, stuff like that. You have to get better.”

Don’t stop trying to improve after the final game of the season. By putting in extra work during the offseason, you’ll be ready to help your team become champions next season.

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