Ball Striking with Paul Casey

The professional golfer introduces you to one of his favorite drills to help you make consistent contact on the course.

When it comes to ball striking in golf, Paul Casey considers it one of the most important aspects of the game. “If you don’t strike the ball well, how do you know where it’s going to go and how far it’s going to go?” the professional golfer asks.

To work on sharpening this skill, Casey uses the “feet together” drill. “It’s one of my favorite drills. It’s the favorite drill of a lot of professionals out there,” he says.


When practicing one of his favorite drills, Casey opts for one of his favorite clubs: an 8-iron. From there, he begins his setup, with his feet basically together.

“They can be a little bit apart. In the back, there’s a little bit of gap between my heels. I flare the feet out for a little bit of stability, little bit of balance. If anything, I have the ball very central or maybe an inch further back,” he says.

Casey also emphasizes the importance of hitting the ball first, not the ground.

But what makes the drill such a good training tool? Well, Casey says it requires the golfer to maintain their balance and posture. “I can’t be sliding left and right all over the place. I have to make a good, solid turn and hit the golf ball first,” he explains.

Once you’ve got your feet together and toes flared out, it’s time to swing. Casey notes you can keep your foot down or roll onto your toe.

“It doesn’t matter,” he says. “This is about hitting the golf ball first, quality strike.”

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