The Best Golf Drivers for 2020

Looking for a new driver? Start your search with our top-rated drivers for 2020 from the game’s best brands.

Is it time to upgrade your driver? Maybe you feel you should be getting more distance off the tee, or maybe you need a little help correcting a slice. Perhaps you’re a low-handicapper looking for more control over ball flight, or a high-handicapper in search of more forgiveness on mis-hits. Whatever you need, your search starts here with our list of the top golf drivers for 2020:

1. TaylorMade SIM
2. Callaway MAVRIK
4. Titleist TS
5. PING G410

Learn more about each driver on the list and find the right fit for your game. 


TaylorMade SIM

The first thing you might notice about the SIM, which stands for “Shape In Motion,” is the new angled keel that juts out at the back of the club. This “Inertia Generator” positions weight at the extreme rear of the club to give you incredible forgiveness on mis-hits. The Inertia Generator is angled to reduce drag, while the asymmetrical sole design promotes maximum speed at critical moments of the swing.

In addition, the SIM features two popular elements from previous TaylorMade drivers: Speed Injected Technology and the unique TwistFace clubface curvature. “Speed Injected” refers to the proprietary resin injected into each SIM clubface to bring it as close as possible to the legal limit for spring-like effect. Basically, more spring equals more speed. The unique “TwistFace” design helps correct two of the most common types of mis-hits: contact off the high toe and low heel of the face. The face is strategically curved in these two areas to help reduce the sidespin that carries shots off target.

The SIM is available in three styles to help you find the best fit for your swing.

  • The standard SIM driver has the lowest center of gravity in the line, which promotes an exceptionally low spin rate. It is also the most adjustable SIM driver, with an adjustable hosel to alter loft and lie, along with an adjustable weight to give you greater control over ball flight.
  • The SIM Max is the most forgiving driver in the line, with a slightly larger face and weight focused low and back in the clubhead.
  • The SIM Max-D is the best driver for a slice. The CG is placed in the heel to help promote a draw.
TaylorMade SIM Driver

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Callaway MAVRIK

In 2019, Callaway changed the game with the EPIC Flash driver – the first driver designed with insights from Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning. Now, Callaway has taken this concept even further with its MAVRIK line. MAVRIK drivers feature an updated face architecture made with incredibly strong and lightweight FS2S titanium. This material, which is six grams lighter than traditional titanium, helps to optimize speed, forgiveness and spin.

Like EPIC Flash and Rogue before that, the MAVRIK continues to feature Callaway’s Jailbreak Technology. Jailbreak refers to two internal, vertical bars positioned behind the clubface that connect the crown and sole to promote higher ball speed. 

There are three variations of the MAVRIK, and each one is uniquely designed to suit specific player needs:

  • The standard MAVRIK driver features Callaway’s new Cyclone Aero clubhead shaping. The raised skirt and flat crown help to reduce drag and improve swing speed. A fixed five-gram weight in the back-center of the sole is designed to provide mid-level launch and spin with a slight draw bias.
  • The MAVRIK MAX driver is a great choice for players who struggle with consistency. Though it has a 460cc head like the standard MAVRIK, it is designed to appear larger at address to give you added confidence. An adjustable 14g weight can be placed in the back for added forgiveness or in the heel to create a slice-correcting draw bias.
  • The MAVRIK Sub Zero driver is primarily designed for skilled players looking for low spin. The Sub Zero includes two interchangeable weights (14 grams and two grams) to give better players more control of ball flight.
Callaway MAVRIK Driver

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“SPEEDZONE” is more than a name. Inspired by Formula 1 racecar design, COBRA aimed to make its newest drivers as explosive as possible by optimizing for speed in six distinct areas: the Power Zone, Low CG Zone, Strength Zone, Aero Zone, Stability Zone and Light Zone. Learn more about each:

  • Power Zone: The CNC Milled Infinity Face is the engine that powers SPEEDZONE drivers. This unique design, first introduced in the COBRA KING F8 driver line, features a milling pattern that extends slightly beyond the edges of the clubface to promote forgiveness and optimal launch.  Now 95 percent larger in SPEEDZONE drivers, the Infinity Face gives players a better chance to achieve maximum ball speed.
  • Low CG Zone: Weight is positioned as low as possible at the back of the clubhead to promote high launch with low spin.
  • Aero Zone: The streamlined SPEEDBACK clubhead shaping, combined with the milled leading edges, help reduce drag to give you more speed.
  • Strength Zone: The new lighter, stronger chassis gives players better feel and stability than previous COBRA drivers.
  • Stability Zone: Weight is strategically placed around the perimeter to further stabilize the clubhead, which means more forgiveness on off-center hits.
  • Light Zone: The lightweight crown features 10 percent more carbon than the F9, which allowed COBRA to shift weight low and back to make the driver more forgiving.

The SPEEDZONE driver is available in two models: standard and Xtreme. The standard SPEEDZONE driver is primarily designed for the skilled player with a handicap of 10 or less. The standard model features two adjustable weights (14 grams and two grams) to give players greater control of ball flight. The Xtreme model is geared towards mid-to-high handicappers in need of added forgiveness. The slightly larger clubhead profile encourages players to square the face at impact, while the deep CG promotes high launch and low spin.

As an added bonus, all SPEEDZONE drivers include an Arccos-powered COBRA Connect grip. This grip features a built-in Arccos sensor that, when paired with the Arccos app, will provide detailed swing data including distance, accuracy and much more.



Titleist TS

When designing the TS family of drivers, Titleist had one clear objective: More speed. To achieve this goal, the Titleist research and development team knew they would have to rethink driver construction from top to bottom. The results?

  • The Thinnest Crown in the Game: The ultra-thin crown allowed Titleist to shift weight lower and deeper for incredible forgiveness.
  • An Improved Streamlined Shape: The redesigned shaping optimizes aerodynamic efficiency for added speed.
  • Faster, Thinner Clubface: The variable-thickness face is super-fast and forgiving. Each face is inspected to ensure it’s at the maximum limit for spring-like effect.

You’ll find all of these features in each of the four TS models:

  • The TS1 driver is specially designed for players with swing speeds around 85 mph or less. The ultra-lightweight, 275-gram design gives moderate swingers maximum speed while promoting high launch and long distance.
  •  TS2 drivers are designed to provide explosive-yet-forgiving speed to help players hit it long and straight. The CG is fixed at the back of the club to assist with launch while the shallow, modern-clubface design offers added confidence at address.
  • The TS3 driver is the only driver in the line to feature the SureFit CG adjustable sole weight, giving players maximum control over ball flight. 
  • With its compact 430cc head and forward CG location, the TS4 driver helps reduce spin to create long, piercing ball flight.
Titleist TS2 Driver

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The PING G410 driver line has remained incredibly popular since its release in 2019. The line initially launched with the Plus and SFT models, and the LST joined the family a few months later. Learn more about each of the G410 drivers and find the right fit for your game.

  • G410 Plus Driver: The G410 Plus became the first-ever PING driver to feature adjustable weighting. Players can set the movable, 16-gram weight in one of three positions: neutral, draw or fade. Because the weight track is positioned on the outermost portion of the perimeter, the G410 maintains high MOI to provide exceptional distance and forgiveness.
  •  G410 SFT Driver: The SFT, which stands for “straight flight technology,” is PING’s answer for your slice. The SFT features a stationary, 16-gram weight in the heel that encourages players to square the clubface at impact.
  • G410 LST: Released a few months after the Plus and SFT, the G410 LST is PING’S lowest-spinning driver. Like the Plus, the LST features an adjustable weight for neutral, draw or fade bias, while the slightly smaller 450cc design is aerodynamically optimized for maximum clubhead speed.

In addition to the above, each driver in the G410 family offers the following features:

  • Ultra-Thin Crown: The crown on G410 drivers is just .017 inches thick. For comparison, that’s about as thick as three crisp, one-dollar bills. PING takes the weight saved here and distributes it within the clubhead to lower CG and increase forgiveness. The crown also features PING’S Turbulator Technology – the raised ridges near the front of the crown designed to improve aerodynamic and clubhead speed.
  • Forged Clubface: PING takes extra steps to ensure its G410 clubfaces are as fast as possible. After the face is forged by precision machining, it goes through a patented heat-treatment process that creates a thinner, hotter face with maximum flex.
  • Eight-Position Adjustable Hosel: The lightweight, aerodynamic hosel sleeve gives players eight loft and lie settings for incredible control over ball flight.
PING G410 Driver

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