The 10 Best Golf Shoes for 2020

Is it time for a new pair of golf shoes? Start your search with our top 10 styles for 2020. This list includes top sellers, customer favorites and popular new releases.

When it’s time to buy new golf shoes, the amount of options out there can be a bit overwhelming. To help you narrow down your choices, we’ve identified 10 of the top styles for 2020. This list includes top sellers, customer favorites and styles recommended by our golf footwear experts.

The Top 10 Golf Shoes for 2020

1. adidas CODECHAOS

CODECHAOS is the latest twist on golf shoe design from adidas. Using heatmaps, adidas analyzed the ways golfers distribute and shift their weight during the swing in order to determine where traction is needed most. Based on this analysis, along with extensive player testing, adidas developed a game-changing traction technology called “Twistgrip.” This proprietary TPU insert features spikeless lugs engineered to provide maximum traction in all conditions.

CODECHAOS also boasts a first-of-its-kind upper that’s lightweight, breathable and fully waterproof. The unique multi-layer mesh enhances durability and breathability while film layers are made to keep water out even in the soggiest conditions. As for support, CODECHAOS utilizes adidas’ popular BOOST technology throughout the midsole along with a stability bar to help keep your feet comfortable and energized throughout your round.

DICK’S carries adidas CODECHAOS golf shoes in sizes for men, women and kids.

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2. FootJoy 2020 Pro/SL

The Pro/SL line has been one of the game’s best sellers for years. Pros and amateurs alike rave about its superior stability and comfort. The latest Pro/SL outsole features 30% more traction elements and covers 17% more surface area, giving players greater control in all conditions. Up top, premium ChromoSkin leather is designed to offer a soft, lightweight feel and total waterproof protection.

The 2020 Pro/SL features two layers of FootJoy’s Fine Tuned Foam (FTF). A firm layer around the perimeter enhances stability, while a softer layer runs the length of your foot to provide serious cushioning. For even more midsole support, try the new Pro/SL Carbon – the advanced carbon-fiber technology creates a spring-like effect to help reduce fatigue and further enhance stability.

At DICK’S, you’ll find the 2020 Pro/SL in sizes for women and men.

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You might be wondering what exactly “caged” means. See the PUMA logo on the middle of the shoe? That’s essentially the cage – a lightweight saddle designed to provide total support and stability for even the hardest swingers. On top of that, ultra-thin TPU provides additional support in high-stress areas.

Now, let’s talk traction. The cleats on this shoe are designed to move in any direction, meaning you get incredible traction from any lie. Lugs are strategically placed throughout the outsole to provide additional grip and power.

And PUMA didn’t skimp on comfort. The stylish collar provides the feel of a running shoe, while PUMA’s renowned IGNITE Foam fills the entire length of the shoe to help deliver superior energy return, responsive comfort and stable cushioning.


4. Skechers Women’s GO GOLF Max Cut

The GO GOLF Max Cut currently has the most five-star customer reviews of any women’s golf shoe on Featuring the same technology found in the Skechers GOwalk Max shoes, these golf shoes are made for all-day comfort. Responsive cushioning located in the midsole and insole can help put a little bounce in every step you take on the course.

The stylish upper is made with synthetic mesh to promote airflow, helping to ensure cool comfort throughout your round. The shoes are water resistant but not fully waterproof, so keep that in mind if heading out to play in rainy conditions.

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5. Nike Roshe G

The Nike Roshe is an iconic piece of footwear. First released as a running shoe in 2012, the Roshe captured massive attention for its minimalist design, incredible comfort and affordable price point. In 2018, Nike brought these qualities to the golf world with the launch of the Roshe G, which continues to be a popular choice on courses today.

The updated mesh upper on the 2020 version offers even more of the Roshe’s trademark breathability, along with a fresh, modern look. Foam is injected throughout the midsole to help cushion every step you take on the course, while the pressure-mapped, spikeless outsole provides added support and traction where it’s needed most. The Nike Roshe G is available in styles for men, women and kids.

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6. FootJoy Flex

Available in both men’s and women’s styles, the FootJoy Flex is a spikeless golf shoe that really can be worn anywhere. Sure, go-anywhere versatility is a selling point for most spikeless golf shoes on the market, but golfers are often reluctant to wear them outside of the course because they tend to look like, well, golf shoes.

That’s not the case with the FootJoy Flex. These shoes legitimately look the part of a casual athletic style. And they feel great, too. The mesh upper is extremely light and breathable to help provide cool, all-day comfort. The Versa-Trax rubber outsole is designed for secure footing on every swing yet is understated enough to blend in wherever you go.

If you need a new pair of golf shoes and casual sneakers, save yourself some money and get a shoe that can do it all.

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7. adidas Women’s Tech Response

If you can’t decide between a traditional golf shoe and a more modern look, the Tech Response is a great go-between. The microfiber leather upper offers the classic style many golfers prefer, while a textile saddle offers a casual touch. Inside, the proprietary Cloudfoam sockliner is made to cushion every step you take on the course.

What about traction? The Tech Response has a low-profile design to give you a grounded feel on every swing, and the six spikes on the outsole help ensure maximum stability in all conditions.

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8. Nike Air Max 1 G

With the Air Max 1 G, Nike brings its legendary sneaker to the golf world, complete with the iconic “window” that lets you see the Max Air unit in the midsole. But the Air Max 1 has always been much more than a gimmick – these shoes deliver when it counts, especially on the course.

The Max Air technology is designed to enhance comfort and reduce fatigue, while the synthetic leather upper offers a timeless look and water resistance in wet conditions. On the spikeless outsole, raised nodes provide plenty of traction to keep you stable throughout every swing. DICK’S carries the Air Max 1 G for both men and women.

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9. FootJoy Women’s Superlites

Do your feet overheat on the course? Superlites can help you keep your cool during those hot summer rounds. These stylish-yet-affordable shoes feature an incredibly light, mesh upper to promote breathable comfort throughout 18 holes. Seriously. You won’t believe how light and airy they are. If you like to walk the course, these shoes should keep your feet fresh and energized on every step.

Keep in mind that the Superlites are not waterproof – you will not want to wear these on a soggy course. However, when the turf is dry, it’s hard to beat the performance and price of these eye-catching shoes.

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10. Skechers Men’s GO GOLF Elite V.3

Ok, the V.3 is not the latest and greatest version of this shoe, as the V.4 is now available, but it’s such a hit with our customers that we had to include it on this list. The GO GOLF V.3 has over 300 five-star reviews, making it the top-rated men’s golf shoe available on

If you want maximum comfort, this is the shoe for you. The proprietary responsive cushioning is truly in a league of its own, offering players energy-boosting comfort throughout every round. The GO GOLF Elite looks just as good with its premium leather upper and deco stitching.

The spikeless TPU outsole is strategically designed to provide maximum traction on all types of terrain. Plus, the sealed seams ensure complete waterproof protection if rain interrupts your round.

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Still not sure which style is right for you? Consider the terrain of the courses you typically play and choose a shoe that will provide the traction and stability you need. Check out our article on the differences between spiked and spikeless golf shoes to learn more.